Long time, no talk?

This gif is little past being relevant but in my defense, I’m super behind trends and am still listening to this song on repeat.
It’s been a while hasn’t it?  I am the worst blogger in the world and left all of my three readers hanging with nary a hint that I would be taking a hiatus.  Super rude.

Rather than blather on with excuses about why I’ve been gone and how stressed I’ve been, I’ll just hit you with a quick update, bullet style.  And then we can get back to the important stuff, like humorous gifs, bad photography, and uber-wordy travel recaps (you are welcome).

  • Feb 2nd – Nick and I learned that the project we work on was cancelled.  This means we were likely going to lose our jobs.  This also means we would likely have to move, since Wilmington’s job market is pretty sparse.  The real kicker in all of this is that we had JUST finished painting the last room of our house (like, two days before).  That was the salt being rubbed into my bitter, bitter wound.
  • Feb 2nd – March 6th – Nick and I spent a lot of time talking about all of the decisions we had ahead of us.  Stay in Wilmington and hope to be kept or (miraculously) find another job?  Move to a new area?  If so, which area?  Would we stay with our current company or open up the search to anywhere in the world?  We also spent all of our free time updating resumes, writing cover letters and applying to jobs.  I think applying to jobs is one of the seven circles of hell.  We eventually come up with a game plan and …..
  • March 7th – I started a new job in Greenville, SC!  We actually lived in Greenville for a few summers while doing our internships, so we knew we loved the area.  Plus it was still the South (I refuse to go back to snow.  REFUSE.) and it means we could remain with our company.  I really like my new job, it’s different and challenging and I like my coworkers and all of that good stuff.
Downtown Greenville
  • March 7th – April 14th – I drive back and forth to Greenville and stay in a hotel during the week, which got really old, really fast.  In the meantime, we work on getting Nick a job and getting our house ready to sell.  All the driving, plus the unknown of Nick’s job, plus doing all of the house work was Stress City (and to think, I was going to attempt to spare you guys from bitching about my stress, hahaha).  All of my spare time was spent wallowing in my own anxiety and I had no extra brain space to devote to blogging, despite how much I missed it.
  • April 14th – Nick gets a job!  He will be joining me in Greenville in May and now we get to find temporary housing, permanent housing, organize a move, sell our house, etc.  It sounds like a lot, but this part is less stressful to me, because at least we have a plan.  The UNKNOWN was really taxing.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off of our shoulders and now we can start definitively start planning a new life in Greenville, SC!


So yeah, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind but I’m super excited about the path ahead and can’t wait to get back to posting more regularly!  There is a lot I want to share about the moving process and the Greenville area.  I also have a few travel things to catch up with, like our awesome Asheville trip, and oh yeah, our Vienna/Budapest/Munich trip coming up in less than a month.  That I have done zero planning for….

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