Random Friday #14

It’s Friday!  And I’m spending another weekend mostly doing house projects!  Yayyy….


We got our ceiling all squared away (we should make a drinking game for how many times I’m going to talk about the ceiling in this post.  <– That’s two!) and now are working on painting the walls.  At some point our house will be “done.”  At least that’s what I tell myself while rocking back and forth in the fetal position after taping off trim for the 1,000th time.

I may or may not have drunk-bought myself a massage Groupon last weekend after all of the ceiling work (3!) so I’m using that as an end goal right now.  That was a fun email to wake up to.  Drunk me was especially nice and sprung for the 90-minute version.


Reading: Nothing that I currently had from my library was tickling my fancy this week, so I decided to check out books available at Project Gutenberg.  Project Gutenberg is a site that offers free eBooks, usually books that are of cultural or historical significance.  It’s a great way to access most of the classics for FREE.  I’ve used it once before to download a book on Greek mythology, to brush up before our Greece trip.

I’ve been pretty intrigued by War & Peace since seeing all of the ads for the mini series on BBC, so I decided to check that out.  I had heard that the book was a long one, but holy hell it’s like 2000 pages on my eReader.


A lot of that could be formatting, but suffice it to say I will be yammering about this book for a long, long time (lucky you!).  The longest book I’ve read to date has to be a GRRM novel, but it seems like this will surpass that.  I’m not watching the mini series yet, but plan to after I finish the book (in approx 10 years).

Some articles/posts of note:

  • Barbie’s Got a New Body – I can’t decide what I think about this.  It’s clear some sort of change was needed, and it’s great that they are getting more diverse.  But they are still offering the regular, unrealistic Barbie.  I dunno man.
  • Hound Bandits Half Marathon in Alabama – This story is adorable.  I wonder what the dog actually thought was going on.  Or was he just like “OMG yeah guys!  Where are we going?!”  What were his thoughts at the finish line?  Adorable.  I’m glad he got a medal.
  • The Curious Case of the Disappearing Trip Advisor Reviews – I’ve definitely been a huge Trip Advisor fan in the past (and actually recommended one of their articles in a recent post), so this was eye-opening to read.  It seems increasingly difficult to find trustworthy reviews anymore.  Semi-related, I also pretty much disregard all Amazon reviews of books now because it seems EVERY SINGLE REVIEWER was gifted the book for free.  Yeah, that just about discredits the entire review for me.


Watching: Nothing, really.  I’m stuck between shows right now and am having a hard time getting interested in anything.  Aren’t you so glad I included this bullet point?  It’s bringing a lot to the post I think.

Eating: We went to YoSake this weekend, which is probably our favorite sushi place in Wilmington.  They have an amazing happy hour special from 5-7pm every night, and you can get a lot of rolls and appetizers for $4.  Nick and I split an order of edamamme, a spicy tuna roll, a generoll, and a sashimi appetizer.  So good!

Dinners this week were simple, we made a roast in the crockpot and it made enough to eat every night.  So sorry, so boring.

Travel: In some Germany research, I found a cool, new (to me) site this week.  Vayable is a site where people offer personal tours (or “experiences” if you will).  They range in topic/focus from photography, biking, food, wine, history, etc. and are offered by local experts.  It looks like you can also request specific tours and experts can see your request and create a tour/experience just for you.  I’m considering a cafe tour in Vienna for our group!

Workouts:  Since I already failed at keeping up with a new goal about posting workouts that I set JUST LAST WEEK (that’s some kind of new record, right?), I’ve decided to combine it with this post.   So if you come strictly for the witty banter about my benign weekly activities (LOL NO.  No one is doing that), sorry bout ya luck.

  • Friday: REST DAY, it was great.  Except not, because we spent the evening tearing down our popcorn ceiling (4).
  • Saturday: Again…more ceiling (5) work.  I was tentatively planning on doing yoga, but decided that huffing and puffing and sanding and painting the ceiling could be a workout.  I perused the WW activity database just for shits and grins, and they DO have a housework activity.  Which includes painting as an example.  So, yes I totally recorded those Fit Points.
  • Sunday: Long run.  I finally got those 6 miles in outside.  It was pretty cold (in the 30’s when I started), but the run was awesome.  I maintained my pace throughout and felt good at the end.  I made a new playlist before I went, which helps so much mentally!  But I also forgot to charge my Garmin and had to use the less accurate Nike running app.  Wah. When I got home we finished up the ceiling painting (6) and finally got our kitchen back.

  • Monday: I was feeling a little frazzled on Monday after working on the kitchen almost allll weekend (debatable, but I’m counting this as 7).  I decided to take another rest day and do some mentally rewarding stuff like make lunches for the week and get caught up on laundry.  I felt super productive and a million times more put together when I went to bed that night.
  • Tuesday: Run on the treadmill.  Nothing special to note about this one.
  • Wednesday: Did some Lower Body Strength work from the Lauren Gleisberg eBook.  I forced myself to go looowww on my squats and am feeling it even through today.
  • Thursday: Treadmill run.  I try to slowly up my pace by 0.1 mph each week for easy runs.  I will slowly trick myself into getting faster, muahaha.


How was your week?  Ever drunk-done something especially nice for yourself?  What is your fav kind of sushi?


4 thoughts on “Random Friday #14

  1. So glad you guys got the ceiling finished, can’t wait to see everything finished once you get the painting done! I will also be coming back to this post once Baby L arrives so I can participate in the drinking game 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll be sure to send you thrilling picture updates of the kitchen 😉

      If we are going to do this drinking game right, we might want to count how many times I mention the ceiling over the entirety of the blog :0


  2. We started watching The Vikings on Amazon this week. So far it is awesome!!

    I took Pappaw to Charleston yesterday for his flight to Africa. He will be gone for 3 weeks. Grandma had some heart issues and was in the hospital for a couple of days. She’s doing well now.

    Is that the turtle/gator park where you did your long run? I still can’t get over the massive number of turtles in that lake.


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