Random post Friday #1

Fridays after a long week are for incoherent thoughts and rambling, yes? Yes.

Just call me Khaleesi
Just call me Khaleesi

So here are some things on my mind this week! Try not to get TOO excited about being immersed in the minutiae of my life, ok?

  • I’m heading to one of my favorite places for the weekend! I’m driving to Virginia beach after work today for my good friends bridal shower. Said friend actually helped me come up with the name of this blog and has a blog of her own. Check it out here and bug her to give us more posts.
  • I have been home from Greece for a whole week now and I still feel jet lagged. Not to sound like a major asshole, complaining about getting home from a two week international vacation or anything, but DEAR GOD. SO TIRED.
  • Workouts have been fun this week (not). My runs have been pretty sluggish. I have this pesky half marathon coming up that is making me a little nervous about my current performance.
  • On a related note, training for a half marathon always makes me realize how much I prefer circuits and strength training. I’m on the lookout for a good plan to follow after the half. Has anyone done an amazing, life changing program recently that they’d like to share?
  • I made BROWN BUTTER tonight for the first time and it was everything I thought it would be. I made it as part of this recipe (which was fantastic, highly recommend) and I was really surprised at the difference in flavor. I also added crumbled spicy sausage (obv).

That’s all I got this week!  Enjoy the rainy dreary (at least in Wilmington) weekend.

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