Friday Catch-up

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This week has been odd, I’m very ready to see it go.  Nick was traveling for work so I was parenting on my own and we had SNOW here in Greenville.  Everything was closed on Wednesday so I had a day at home with my tiny tyrant.  Of course she was especially fussy for reasons unknown and of course it was when I didn’t have any backup and of course it was all day from wakeup until bed time.  No fever, no rashes or any other signs of illness, lots of feeding, good naps, I tried holding her, I tried putting her down, we tried a plethora of toys and playtime locations.  NOTHING WORKED.  But we persevered and she was really funny during dinner time and sweet and smiley during her bath so I forgave her.  Still very much looking forward to my parenting teammate coming home though.

She’s ready too

We started solids with Claire about two weeks ago and despite a slow and suspicious start (her reaction to her first few spoonfuls of carrot puree are how I imagine she would react to punishment or torture), she is LOVING it.  I’m attempting to mix traditional purees with a Baby Led Weaning approach and she is delighted by both.  We are on sweet potatoes right now and I can’t feed them to her fast enough.  She was chasing the spoon with her mouth when it was anywhere near her general vicinity.  If I paused to check on something related to preparing my own dinner, she yelled and shrieked until that spoon was full and headed her way.


Her daycare teacher told us that she was getting some puree together for another kid and Claire got wind of the situation.  She got SO EXCITED with big smiles and kicking and reaching.  When her teacher picked up the other kid instead of her, Claire was immediately LIVID and yelled angry baby babble at them the entire time this poor child was trying to eat.  I may need to start doing solids twice a day and sending some to daycare, lest she start a riot in her infant room.


Reading: I downloaded a new book this week but am having trouble getting into it.  Reading has been tough for me lately in general, I have a much tougher time turning my brain off and fully focusing on one thing.  We are getting into a good groove with sleep and bed time though so I’m hoping that will help.  I miss reading.  The last book I finished was 11/22/63 by Stephen King and it took me from our babymoon until the end of my maternity leave to finish.

WatchingI think I exhausted the entire list of shows that I like or have been wanting to watch during my maternity leave.  There are none left.  I need suggestions, help.

Eating: I did Blue Apron this week but because of the snow, it was delayed.  I hadn’t grocery shopped, so I scrounged together some pantry meals but none were especially good.  I have a work lunch tomorrow though and we are having Mexican, my forever favorite type of food.

Working out: On the workout front, I actually did some!  I’ve been doing the barre program on Daily Burn (<- referral link) off and on, but I’d say this week was the most consistent I’ve been with it yet.  I am really enjoying it and may try to drop in to an in-person class this weekend.


What are your weekend plans?  Best TV show and book recommendations?

I had a baby

and other life updates.

A lot has happened since my last REAL blog post, over a year ago.  Work, and life outside of work got really busy but here I am with a baby that is finally asleep and a minute of free time.

Whaaat?? I know.

Six months ago, I had a sweet baby girl.  Her name is Claire and she’s pretty amazing.


We took these seemingly serene and put together pictures a week and a half after she was born when our life was ANYTHING BUT those things.  Next time I’m taking my newborn pics in bed with under eye bags in old yoga pants and the same nursing tank I’ve been wearing for three days.  That would be more accurate.

I had a lovely (and exhausting) 16 weeks of maternity leave and have been back to work since the beginning of November.  It’s been an adjustment, the whole working plus baby thing.  There are a lot more things to cross off the list and so many more FEELINGS on any given day.

BUT I hope to get back to blogging with some sort of regularity and plan on throwing some new, first time mom stuff in with my usual mix of food, workouts and travel.

For now, I’m going to try to mess with our water heater (WHYYY do these things happen when my husband is out of town) so that I can take a hot shower, TALK SOON!