Random Friday #16

WELL I am back in Wilmington for the weekend and just completed my last drive this way (from Greenville) for the forseeable future.  We had a whirlwind of a week and visited some new home sites, signed an apartment lease, picked up the keys, bought a new mattress, etc.  I think we did something every night this week, which is my least favorite kind of week.

But I’m doing ok, lest you think I’m perishing under the pressure of an easy routine move where a lot of things are taken care of for us, because starting on Sunday we will be in a new permanent(ish) apartment and my time in hotels is coming to a sweet end.  I will have an actual kitchen and my own bed and I won’t have to eat breakfast with a room of strangers.  Life is good.

On a sad note, it’s my last weekend in Wilmington for a while.  I’m planning on hitting the beach and saying a long goodbye and having an epic Wilmington food fest.

Reading:  Hahaha, nah, nothing to see here.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to read more starting next week when my life will be stable.  I don’t even have any interesting articles to share.  The only thing my brain was able to handle this week was scrolling through Instagram and looking at pretty pictures.

On that note, my new favorite instagram follow is Ina Garten.  I feel like she likes to get down (at least for a rich white woman who lives in the Hamptons).

If I know Jeffrey, he is EXCITED.


Watching: GAME OF THRONES.  Warning, spoilers ahead.  

OMG Why is Jon Snow still dead.  Nick and I totally thought the last scene of the episode would be him coming back to life.  Ghost’s wailing really bummed me out.  And thank fuck something halfway decent actually happened to Sansa.  I love Brienne.  And I have such mixed feelings about halfway liking Theon/Reek in this episode.  It’s such a different experience to watch the show without having any sort of a clue about what’s coming.  I kind of hate it but it’s kind of exhilarating.

Listening: I’m really giving away exactly how lame I am with this admission, but I’ve been in an late 80’s/early 90’s country kind of mood.  I downloaded a few Randy Travis and Travis Tritt songs.  My fav being “I’m gonna be somebody”.

travis tritt
This mullet has NOTHING on my 8 yr old mullet.

Eating: Well it was more hotel food this week.  I intended to do a WIAW this week to show all of my hotel meals, but I got as far as taking a pic of my breakfast and promptly forgot to take a pic of lunch.  Sorry, though you probably dodged a bullet there.  Anyway, here is my crappy breakfast.

Greek yogurt, tomato slices and a piece of toast with cheese and a (probably fake) egg patty on top.

Traveling:  I started my list of things to do.  I got like two items on the list for our first location, but considering all of the other shit we did this week, I think I totally deserve a pat on the back.

Or a five, whatever.

Workouts:  I worked out once this week.  ONCE.  And that is all I have to say about that.  I’m so looking forward to being in a more stable routine next week.


What is your favorite item at a typical hotel breakfast buffet?  What key things do I need to remember to bring at our new apartment?  Will you help me pack?



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