Random Friday #10

10 whole Random Friday posts!  Is anyone tired of my blather yet?


  • We are headed to Greenville, NC this weekend for Nick’s family’s Christmas celebration.  With all the traveling that we have done lately, I’m eternally grateful that this is only 2 hours away.  There is also a gift exchange that I have yet to buy a gift for, I should probably start thinking about that.
  • Traveling in general has really put a wrench in my Christmas shopping.  I just need like one Saturday to knock some stuff out.  Our laundry and general house cleanliness is also suffering.  And my workouts.  And everything.
Maximum.  A maximum degree of shambles.
  • I signed up for Weight Watchers this week!  I have been feeling a little stale with tracking in MyFitnessPal and WW came out with a new plan this week, so I thought it would be a good time to switch things up a little.  I did WW right out of college and had a lot of success with it, so I like keeping up with it and learning about the new plans when they change things up.  Since my weigh-in day was Friday, I wasn’t able to switch to the new Smart Points plan until today, so I’m still figuring it out.
  • We finished painting the top walls of our dining room (there is a chair rail so we are going for the color on top, white on bottom look) this week.  The bottom part is still tan or whatever but it clashes with the blue that we picked out on top, so it kind of reminds me of a mullet right now.  Party on top, business on the bottom.  Or something.
I don’t know if this gif even applies here, but I like it, sooo.
  • I read a really cool blog post about Icelandic Christmas traditions over at Unlocking Kiki, it brought back so many memories.  I remember learning about those feisty Yule Lads in school (the prankster version, not the actual scary version) when we lived there!  I am really enjoying that blog in general lately, it reminds me a lot of my time there.  She just ran a marathon and I can’t even imagine how you would begin to train for one of those in Iceland!  Outdoor running was not a big thing when we were living there (at least not that I remember) and pair that with funky daylight hours.  So impressive!
  • I am absolutely loving this warm winter so far.  Yesterday I went on a walk during lunch and the sunshine felt so so amazing.  It’s supposed to be in the 70’s all weekend and I want to spend the whole time outside.  Thank you El Nino.


What are some unique Christmas traditions that you are into?  Are you into warm winters or one of those that think it feels less “Christmasy”?  Anyone using the new WW program?

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