Random Friday #8


  • I’m taking a half day from work today to head up to VA Beach for Amber’s wedding!  The above pic is us during grad week, roughly TEN WHOLE YEARS AGO (how does that happen?).  Terrible highlights (mine anyway) aside, I’m really looking forward to spending some time with friends and celebrating Amber and Matt.
  • I had a cold this week, which spun me into a brief panic of needing to get better before above mentioned wedding this weekend.  I have been taking a lot of cold medicine and felt delirious while trying to run last minute errands and picking up my bridesmaids dress from alterations yesterday.  The alterations lady was giving me some major side eye as I was trying to hold in my coughs to keep from hacking all over her shop.  She basically stood in one corner of the shop and threw the dress at me and told me to leave the money on the counter.  The plus side to this is I’ve barely had an appetite all week, so I should look AMAZING in my dress.


  • Because of said cold, I have been doing a LOT of lying on the couch “resting” and watching TV.  I started watching Outlander on Starz as mentioned last week, and predictably, I’m totally hooked.  I’m also reading A Fiery Cross, as if the simple time travel confusion wasn’t enough, I’ve added the confusion of keeping track of TWO instances of time travel.


  • Next week is THANKSGIVING.  We don’t have any particular plans except that we are staying home since we have been traveling fiends lately.  Nick has mentioned that it would be a good time to tackle the popcorn ceiling in our kitchen, but I’m blissfully ignoring that possibility for now.  If I agree to it, I will dread it all week.  But if I don’t commit until the last minute and surprise myself, I don’t have time to dread it or change my mind.  Makes total sense.
  • People have started asking for gift ideas and I’m in a weird spot this year where there is nothing major that I really want…? (WHO AM I)  I put together an Amazon wishlist, but it’s pretty lame stuff, to be honest.  Two of the items are a kettlebell and protein powder (I know wtf.  I’m judging myself hardcore for that one).  I remember when I was younger and my family would exchange lists, I would be so befuddled by the adult’s lists with stuff like “socks” and “towels” on them (but…those things aren’t fun AT ALL).  But I’m almost to that point.  Also, in re-reading this bullet, I am aware that it comes off VERY #firstworldproblems.  Wah wahhh, poor me, I don’t know what to ask people to buy me.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?  What are you hoping to get for Christmas this year (help me with fun ideas!)?

One thought on “Random Friday #8

  1. Yay for fun wedding weekend!!

    Cool Christmas gift ideas –
    Cute pajamas (can never have enough!)

    Board games or stuff for entertaining

    Makeup – duh! This time of year has the best gift sets

    New coat – this one is on my list for sure. I want a cranberry or rose colored coat.

    If you have an iPhone an Apple TV is pretty sweet. The new ones do a lot of cool stuff. We got one tonight.


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