Random Friday #7

Whoo, this week was a rough one.  Lots of studying, preparing for that test, taking the test, etc.  I’m ready for this weekend!

Me, today.
Party hard.
  • This weekend we have no plans, I’m pretty pumped about it.  I’m looking for some house stuff to get into, but I think it might turn into a general cleaning/organization effort.  Which doesn’t really call for a fun blog post, boooo.  I’m dying to get those Ikea RAST dressers done, but I’m waiting on SOMEONE to cut some wood trim for me, cough*NICK*cough.
  • I made this recipe to use up a spaghetti squash and it turned out well.  Nick and I both liked it, I will be adding it to the regular rotation.  I don’t eat Paleo (and in fact, I un-Paleo-ized it by adding cheese on top….) but this is a good recipe, regardless of diet.  Next time I might add more pizza-type veggies like mushrooms and green peppers.
  • I keep forgetting to do the ab workouts at the bottom of the days on LG’s Fitabulous Fall Calendar.  I’ve probably accidentally skipped like half of them at this point.  I’m sharing that here for accountability’s sake, next week I hope to report that I completed all assigned ab work.  If I don’t, you can leave me mean comments (and by that I mean ones that seem like tough love but are actually super nice and motivating).


  • I failed at reading “The Goldfinch” before my library rental expired.  I got back on the waiting list but it’s hella long for this book, so it’ll be a while.  Now I’m on the hunt for something else to read.  I’m thinking the next book in the “Outlander” series, “The Fiery Cross”.  I love this series.  I’m also really into Philippa Gregory’s books and am reading The Tudor Court series, but my library is missing the book that I’m on (but of course has every other book in the series?  WHY?  Why would you have 6/7 books that are part of a series?).  I might have to break my New Year’s resolution of not spending so much damn money on books and spring for the next one.
  • Speaking of, has anyone watched the Outlander show on Starz?  I’m dying to see it, but need to figure out a way to watch it without cable and an actual Starz subscription.  I’ve heard it’s good.

What are your plans for the weekend?  What is your favorite book series turned to TV (besides the obvious, Game of Thrones)?

4 thoughts on “Random Friday #7

  1. I was going to try this recipe this week too but didn’t have any pizza sauce. So, I just made our traditional sphagetti sauce (using sausage instead of beef). We really like it this way! Are there different types of sphagetti squash? I have made one nearly every week since spring and this particular one turned out crunchier than any before. I baked it on 350 for 40 mins as I have every time. Maybe it wasn’t ripe or something.

    We are part way through Gotham on Netflix. It’s pretty good! We just finished Flash and Arrow before that. Do you see a theme here?

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    1. I didn’t have pizza sauce either! I mixed tomato sauce and tomato paste together and added some spices to try to recreate it. Using spaghetti sauce is another great sub.

      I don’t believe there are different types of spaghetti squash, was this one larger than usual? Maybe it needed longer cooking time? I actually just microwave mine until it starts to pull into little strings bc I’m lazy 🙂 .

      I do sense a theme! Haha, I will have to check those out next. Nick and I are working through Dexter right now but we only have one season left, then we’ll be needing a new show (and he will not be watching Outlander with me, I’m sure).


  2. Girl yaaasss I actually watched a couple of episodes of Outlander and holy cow it was great. It was even better that the main male character is gorgeous….Just saying. As for this weekend, I don’t work for once!! I am so excited I don’t even know where to begin 🙂 I think I will start off by just straight sleeping in til a whopping 7AM Saturday and hit up a run on da beeaccchhhhh. #baylife #bejeally

    L<3VE ya!

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    1. Aaah I need to watch it! I’ve seen pics of “Jamie” and he wasn’t EXACTLY like I was picturing, but I can still dig it.

      I fainted of surprise when I read that you aren’t working. A weekend of relaxation! You deserve it girl. Beach run is a great idea, I think I will steal that. Start getting speedy for next St. Patrick’s day, since we are “really” going to train for this one 😉 !


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