WIAW: Sorry all my food is gross looking

Unfamiliar with What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)? WIAW is a blogger link-up created by Jenn over at Peas and Crayons.  The idea is that once a week, you keep track of all of your eats for a day and share.  The very first blogs I started reading were daily food journal type blogs, so even though that’s not a popular format anymore, it was cool to be able to write my own post in that style.

I will say that nothing makes you overly scrutinize your food like knowing that you will be posting it for the world to see.  After I uploaded all of the photos, I’m like “UGH I ate two tortillas in one day, not enough variety!  All of my food is too mushy and ugly!  What if they think I eat too much dairy?!?!?!”  But I think that’s the beauty of WIAW.  No one eats beautiful food all the time!  And it’s cool to get real, practical ideas from all different kinds of lifestyles and diets.

And also in my defense, we bought a pack of tortillas from Costco this past weekend and I am DETERMINED not to waste food so I will be rolling anything and everything into a tortilla until those bastards are gone.

I woke up with some extra time this morning (a rare occurence) so I took some time to make my favorite breakfast, eggs!  I scrambled these on low in butter and then added a slice of cheese on top.

Breakfast: Tortilla with two scrambled eggs, covered in a slice of cheese and smashed avocado. And hot sauce (of course). Normally I wouldn’t do cheese AND avocado, but I was still waking up apparently and started melting the cheese without thinking. So, two delicious things on my eggs it is. Oh noooo.

A latte, made with one “Lungo” sized Nespresso and a cup of steamed milk. I also added Salted Caramel Syrup. Sorry for that unappetizing drip on the side.  
Work today was pretty uneventful.  Spreadsheets, meetings, etc.

Mid-morning green tea at work. I felt like a complete jackass styling this little photo with the tea box and prayed no one walked by my cubicle while I was doing this.

Morning snack: I got all the way through peeling this before I remembered to take a pic of this tangerine. WIAW is hard.

Lunch: My salad that I eat almost every day. Spinach, romaine, chicken, bleu cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, and dried cranberries. With homemade balsamic (Balsamic, evoo, salt, pepper and dijon).

More tea, because my office was cold af today.
I actually had a meeting today at 3:00 which is the exact time that I like to partake in my afternoon snack, how dare they.  So I had a later than normal snack.

I’ve been making my own hummus lately and really like being able to customize it.

Afternoon snack: Roasted red pepper hummus and baby carrots.

More afternoon snack: Two babybels. Got halfway through peeling the first one before I remembered to take a picture, an improvement from my morning snack.
After work, we headed to the gym where I ran on the treadmill.  I did a tempo run (10 min comfortable pace, 15 mins at a medium difficulty pace, 10 min cooldown at comfortable pace) where I cranked that bad boy all the way up to 6.2 mph for the tempo part.  Wow, it was tough.  I was sweating like a mofo and my face was BEET red.  Trying to get faster is hard work.

Dinner: Another tortilla! With crockpot salsa chicken, black beans, corn, and fajita veggies. Topped with more smashed avocado. I also added some more salsa after this pic was taken.

 I really enjoyed participating in WIAW this week!  Hopefully my pictures weren’t too insanely boring or nausea-inducing.

And in conclusion, I think I have a tea problem and will be seeking help soon.  Thank you for your support during this difficult time.

How much tea do you drink on a daily basis? Make me feel better about my consumption please? 

12 thoughts on “WIAW: Sorry all my food is gross looking

  1. Before I got pregnant, I used to drink a cup (or two!) of coffee in the morning and then would drink hot tea on and off throughout the day at work – so I’m totally on board with your tea addiction! I’m jealous I don’t get to enjoy it for another three plus months!

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    1. Haha thanks for making me feel better! You will have to plan a really amazing cup of coffee for after the little one is born! I legit don’t know how I will ever manage not drinking caffeine.


  2. I think your food looks really good lol. It’s only 8:30am here, and you’ve inspired me to make a breakfast burrito before for after the gym. Also, I drink tea twice a day, too (sometimes more) I could drink decaf tea all day long. Especially as it gets colder out. Mmmm


    1. Haha thanks! If one good thing comes out of this post, I’m glad it’s breakfast burrito inspiration, enjoy yours! The cold weather will definitely up my tea consumption, thank you for making me feel normal.

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  3. I just tried babybel for the first time this year, and I loved it! I also love that you don’t want to waste food. I’m totally like that too, so I’m always trying to get Pinterest recipes that will use up our food that ‘might go bad’ if we don’t use it! 🙂 And yay for tea on cold days.

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    1. Yes I love babybel! I get the big bag from Costco, I do feel like they can be expensive at regular grocery stores. I do the same with Pinterest recipes haha, I feel like I’ve really failed at something if I have to throw away food! I’m about halfway through the pack 😁


    1. You are too kind! Next time I’m going to shoot for better presentation with garnishes and stuff (probably not). Oh, and I’ve actually got some spare tortillas if you’d like. 🙂 Thanks for hosting!!


  4. Oh my goodness I hate having to style food photos while in public – so embarrassing!! I drink tea like no other when my office is cold (which it normally is). I will go through glass after glass and then wonder why I have to pee so much. So I don’t think you are the only one with a tea problem. That’s the absolute worst when there are meetings at snack hour. Don’t people know I like to eat at certain times everyday!! All your meals looked delicious and your photos were definitely not boring or nauseating. It’s fun to stalk what other people eat!


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