Random Friday #5

Well, well, well.  Friday again.

  • I set my alarm for super early o’clock this morning.  My plan was to work out (since I will be gone this weekend and we are leaving right after work), but when I woke up I was experiencing the floaty/blurry vision that lets me know a migraine is imminent.  So instead of working out, I took some Excedrin and laid on the couch.  And now I’m looking forward to a day of feeling exhaustion at work, due to both waking up early and a post migraine haze. And I don’t even have a workout to show for myself.  Yayyyy.

    george michael falling
    Why don’t we have nap rooms here? Google employees get nap rooms.
  • On to more positive subjects, we are going to Charlotte this weekend to see my brother and sister-in-law!  We are going to Scarowinds for Halloween.  It will be really fun to have people jump out at us and scare us while running around the park with beers.  I’m going to wear my new flannel shirt and drink pumpkin beer, #basic.
  • I didn’t make any new recipes or finish any books this week (so unfortunate, those are two of my favorite activities), which are my typical talking points for Random Friday’s, so I’m kind of at a loss on what to talk about…I’m still reading The Goldfinch, and still having a hard time REALLY getting into it.
  • We aren’t traveling next weekend, so I’m trying to pick a good house project to work on.  Some contenders: Fix up the IKEA dressers in the guest room (seen in this post), frame the bathroom mirrors and update lighting (they currently look like the before picture in this post.  Brass lighting and all.), and/or work on printing pictures and hanging up frames that I have sitting up against the wall everywhere.
  • About two months ago I fell down DEEP into the rabbit hole that is SkincareAddiction.  I’ve been slowly changing up my face routine, and most recently added the red Stridex pads.  My skin was doing some serious purging, but it’s FINALLY clearing up and I no longer have tiny bumps all over my face.  My next step is to start adding some Vitamin C serum.  I plan on making my own, lord help me.
  • Psst, I made a new Travel list, you can access it from the Travel menu or click here.  I’m sure this will be constantly changing and I plan on linking the recaps as I continue to write.

Enjoy your weekend!  If possible, take an amazing nap today, for me!

4 thoughts on “Random Friday #5

  1. I didn’t know you were still getting migraines. They are killer! I had one this week as did several others I know who suffer. The weather pressures were bad which is typically what causes mine. You really need to see a doctor about them. There are lots of meds available that work good. I know some people who have had sinus procedures to help too. I love you!

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