Random Friday #2

It’s Friday again!  Time for more bullets of random thoughts!  Can you even stand it???


  • This is the first weekend we will be home, sans guests, since right after we got back from Greece.  I’m pretty pumped about it.
  • I’m attending a Wine/Paint thing tonight and our painting is Halloween themed.  It will be my first and only piece of Halloween decor.
  • Speaking of decorating for holidays, am I the only idiot that hates it and doesn’t understand how/why we do this?  It is hard enough to decorate a whole house ONCE, let alone multiple times throughout the year.  And I don’t understand how the holiday decor is supposed to coordinate with your regular decor?  Or are we supposed to do a full replace of all decor?  Like my living room is tan and aqua.  Halloween colors are orange and black, so this majorly clashes, yes?  Or am I supposed to put away all of the aqua stuff?  SO CONFUSED.
  • I’m also planning on refinishing a metal bed frame that we have this weekend.  I’ve been reading a bunch of tutorials and plan on taking pictures of the process for the blog!  This bed is pretty awesome, it’s from Nick’s family and is apparently over 100 years old.
  • I read two books this week, both by Gillian Flynn of Gone Girl fame.  I read Dark Places and then Sharp Objects.  They were both good and I would def recommend, but holy hell.  I need to read Sesame Street or something equally light and happy after both of those.  Those are some dark, dark books (I suppose I should have inferred that from the title).
  • I made two new recipes this week, this Butternut Squash and Black Bean enchilada casserole, and this Minestrone soup.  Both were great!  For the enchilada casserole, I omitted the sour cream (only bc I don’t like it) and just used more enchilada sauce.  I added mini meatballs and used orzo instead of ditalini in the Minestrone.  I also added the pasta right to the soup to cook it, because #lazy.

Have a great weekend!

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